Video Marketing is so much the wave of how B2B marketing is going to work in the future that there’s really nothing else to compare it to. And as time goes on, the debate over what length these videos should be to capture attention never seems to end. Are we heading into a time when all marketing videos will be so short that they’ll be the equivalent of a six-second video on Vine? While that might be an exaggeration, let’s take a look at what typically works today and whether a standard marketing video running time will ever emerge.

The Obsession of Running Time Over Customer Targeting

It seems that video marketing running time has been obsessed over so much in the last couple of years that other things have been overlooked. The importance of customer targeting is equally important in capturing the right demographic for your video. However, running time and customer targeting usually work in unison, particularly when a video is catered to a younger crowd.

A general thought might be that a video should automatically be quick and punchy for those below the age of 40. That means capturing attention in less than 10 seconds and editing the video to not run any more than a few minutes in length.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, most executives want their B2B marketing videos to run no more than three to five minutes.  As well, most of the marketing videos you see on Youtube that get the most hits generally run in that time range.

But considering the amount of content being absorbing now, we’re not quite sure if a 5-minute video will be the norm in the coming years. Even if it’s compelling content, I believe we’ll find sources offering more videos “chunked” into smaller bits, allowing for viewers to have the option to click the next play button to continue.  In an era when we can capture data and metrics, having these multiple videos will prove advantageous to the publisher who can review these metrics based on the content created.

Finding Purpose for a Video

Rather than everyone conforming to a shorter format, it’s still going to depend on what the video’s ultimate purpose is. More serious information with thoughtful content may require taking extra time without creating the feeling of being rushed for sake of capturing attention. This can usually be done by stating something compelling in the very beginning of the video that sustains interest until the payoff is seen and heard.  And of course, include the context around the video in the form of copy enables the viewer to manage their expectations.  For example, if I was interested in a how-to video that helped me and my purpose, I’ll continue watching a longer video if it helped my needs.

Nevertheless, with humor being so popular today, there might be a tendency to consistently head in that direction. Comedy lends well to shorter formats, as do testimonials and product descriptions. This isn’t to say being serious should ever be shut out, because comedy can wear thin in video marketing when it becomes over-saturated.

With so many compelling stories out there that can be told in a serious format, there shouldn’t be any reason to think using a slightly longer length wouldn’t still work. Since business marketing  is starting to be so much about storytelling, there needs to be slightly more time available to tell those stories; and with experienced story tellers at the helm of your project(s).

Much of this can also be applied to the B2C business where the storytelling will have just as much or more of an impact on consumers. You want to ensure that your company’s message connected with the audience and drives them to a compelling call-to-action. However, you need a skilled media company to create those videos, those stories for you. Consider Your Video Marketing Pro as your leading source for all things related to content marketing and video marketing.

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