In the past, businesses would use mass advertising as a method of reaching out to potential customers. While this allowed them to reach a large number of people, it didn’t bring a targeted audience. Today, it’s easier to use inbound marketing techniques to bring in

customers who are “looking” for what you have to offer and are therefore, more likely to convert into sales, making these strategies more effective.

Content Marketing

Because people turn to the Internet for information, you need to fulfill their thirst for information about your industry. Consider content marketing as one of the most effective strategies because you become the expert resource for an audience that’s craving your information.  Consider adding a blog to your website and keep the content fresh and new. E-books, whitepapers, testimonials, and case studies are other great ways to share important information with your audience.  Content Marketing Plans can be affordable, especially if you have a local, targeted audience you’d like to attract.

Video Marketing

More people online are turning toward watching videos instead of reading. So, it’s important to make use of videos to spread the word about your business. Set up a YouTube channel or join Vimeo and post informative videos that relate to your industry.  But be sure you don’t just throw any video up on the web.  Since they will reflect your personal and business brand, consider a professional to produce some of the videos.  Some can be simple and done by you, but you need to have a good mix of professional and amateur videos to ensure brand consistency.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer a way for people to stay in touch with family and friends. It is now an important marketing tool. Every online business should have a Facebook and Twitter account to use to reach out to their intended audience. And if you’re a B2B business, you should also have a LinkedIn page and join groups that impact your reach. When you post a blog or article, share it on your social media accounts. Give your audience useful information and don’t use it solely as a method of selling.  What you want to do is engage your audience.  Give them something they’ll want to like, share, or comment on… and you know you’re getting a great response!

Search Engine Optimization

Many individuals turn to the Internet when they need products or services to do some research. Optimizing your website and other online content with the right keywords will help drive traffic to your business. But this does take a little research by a provider who has knowledge in SEO and optimizing your content marketing.  Targeting the right keywords can bring customers right to your website and convert them into sales and that’s the key to inbound marketing.  (Did you know that YVMP is a Google Engage Partner – ready to help you with your SEO efforts!)

Email Marketing

Emails have been used as a marketing tactic for many years. However, when you are using inbound marketing, the goal is not to send out mass emails. Instead, you need to harvest leads through landing pages and opt-in forms on your website. You can then send emails to this list of leads that are geared toward bringing these individuals back to your website.  We suggest you send at least one to two emails a month featuring your blogs, articles, and videos – you made the content marketing efforts… be sure all your existing and new leads get this info!

When you use one or several of these effective strategies for inbound marketing, you will increase the amount of traffic for your business. In addition to increasing traffic in general, these methods will ensure it is targeted traffic that is more likely to convert into sales.

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