If you own a small business, you are among a growing number of people. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are currently 23 million small businesses in the United States, and the number is growing rapidly. For small business owners, connecting with customers is essential. In a world where many people spend a large portion of their day on the Internet, often interaction with customers happens online and through social media sites. If you only have a limited amount of time to work on boosting your company’s image and customer base, there are a variety of places you can and should focus your small business marketing efforts.


Just about everyone has a Facebook account. Many people regularly check their Facebook. Connecting with customers through the most popular social media site in the world can help to boost the appeal of your company. People can learn the nature of you company and through Facebook can come to see how your company can benefit them personally.


Twitter continues to become ever more popular. People seem to be tweeting about everything. Whether it is their favorite television show, athlete, or political candidate or about the latest celebrity scandal, people know almost instantaneously about what is going on thanks to hashtags. And even Facebook has jumped on the hashtag bandwagon!  Promoting your company through Twitter is a smart idea, especially when you can get data and information as to which topics are trending and how you can fit in.


Whether looking to connect with other similar businesses or with potential customers, LinkedIn helps you to establish business connections. As you connect to one person, you then can better establish connections with those connected to that person. Networking is just as essential in the virtual world as it is in the physical world.  But what LinkedIn also does, is allow you to post your content marketing blogs, articles, whitepapers, videos and more on various group pages through discussions.  This instantly makes you a credible resource.  Just don’t forget to ask people to follow your personal AND your company’s LinkedIn page.


Whether putting up how-to videos, reporting on important milestones in your company’s progress, letting customers get to know you as a person (we highly suggest a “Video Elevator Pitch”), or otherwise using this resource, YouTube can help customers see your products and services better. When a YouTube video resonates well with a person, that person will share the video with friends who will then share it with their friends. Before long, hundreds or even thousands Relationship between Erectile Dysfunctions and Blood Sugar/Pressure. of people have shared an experience through a YouTube video.

Google +

We’ve found that Google + is ideal in helping your search engine optimization efforts.  However, it doesn’t bode as well for B2B efforts as it does for B2C efforts.   It’s smart to start the account; and add content and information to it by posting as you normally would on the other social media accounts.


The popularity of Pinterest has skyrocketed.  This portal is great if you have imagery that reflects your business.  For example, we wouldn’t recommend a CPA or law firm to utilize Pinterest.  But if you own a flower shop, restaurant, café, bakery, nail salon, travel agency, or any other B2C business with amazing product or service lines… we absolutely suggest you begin a Pinterest account immediately. But tag your pins properly for effective sharing.  Don’t forget to include your website on your image so they know where to find you!

Blogs, emails, articles, photos, web pages, and other online resources can also help your small business marketing. If you need help properly marketing your small business and not sure where to begin, please contact us.

At YVMP, we have knowledge on how to best market businesses. We will help you establish the best marketing strategy for your particular small business, and we will assess your business’ ongoing marketing needs on a regular basis to make sure we are helping you effectively.

Content marketing is a continuing process, and having the right team in place to be as diligent about your small business marketing efforts as you are about growing your business is essential.  Contact us or call 866-702-9197 so that we may answer your content marketing and video marketing questions.  There’s no obligation to sign up and never a charge to ask us a question.

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