Can we all just say it without pretending anyone is exempt?  TIMES ARE TOUGH.  We’ve been pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps for well over a decade now.  And it gets exhausting!

We see glimmers of hope and excitement here and there, but overall, we’re on a daily roller coaster.  Feeling the tug from loving what we do and why we went into business in the first place to… closing up shop, not dealing with the BS, and walking away… far, far away for some peace.

Now, this article is not meant to be a substitute for seeing your physician, counselor, pastor, etc.   It’s great to speak with someone who’s not a colleague, customer, or spouse for an outside view of what’s going on in your life.

But what I can offer you are 5 simple tips and suggestions:

1)      Take a Vacation.  And we’re back to the budget question?!  Not really.  If you can get away… do it!  But if you can’t afford a “real” vacation… then take a day or two off.  And I mean off! And that doesn’t include days you’d normally have off.   No laptop.  No cell phone (except for family calls).  Go to a local park and have a picnic.  Pick up gossip or hobby magazines like you would on a plane-ride.  Take a bath instead of a shower.  Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while and meet for drinks… no business talk… just life.  Search for small towns within a 30-minute drive that you’ve never been to and explore.  Or catch up on TV shows you’ve been missing.  Just take that time to get away – mentally.

2)      Exercise. Vitamins. And Sleep.  We’ve been told this so many times… but you know how important exercise is.  Even if it’s for 15-minutes.  Take a walk.  Grab one of your kid’s soccer, basket, foot, baseballs and play with them. Don’t just sit on the sideline watching … actually participate.  Different seasons bring on different illnesses.  Sometimes in the Fall we get a little sentimental once the sun goes down earlier.  Boost your immune system with a healthy diet, some vitamins, and sleep between 7-8 hours per night.

3)      Organize.  Business and life in general can come at us like a freight train.  Take the time once a week to organize your office, desk, files, etc.  Try this trick… don’t even turn on your computer until you finished organizing.  You can get to those emails later! The little accomplishments are well worth celebrating and help you feel like you’re getting ahead.

4)      Share Your Plan.  What are you really trying to accomplish?  Do you have a plan for your business?  Like you want X number of customers per year.  Have you shared your plan with others?  Not the full details or “the secret sauce” of your company, but the overall goals you’re trying to accomplish?  If you have staff… let them know how they can help you.  Tell your colleagues, friends, organizations you’re a member of and more.  Let your contacts be your number advocate and resource… just as you’re a resource for them.

5)      Don’t Do It Alone.  While it can be expensive to bring on staff or outsource the work you need done… the ROI is well worth it.  Think of it like this… if you’re not a CPA, you would call on one to help you get your taxes done, right?  And if you didn’t, you could be dealing with the negative ramifications if you did it wrong.  The same thing goes with a myriad of other services.  For our business, we position ourselves to help small businesses with their marketing needs.  Our clients don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to develop a plan, research, create the content, share the content and generate measurable results.  But we do – because that’s our business.  We know where our expertise lies and we know when it’s time to call an IT company, a CPA firm, a lawyer, and more.

Sometimes taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and assessing what you have and what you need is essential to helping you make the most of your business and life experience.

Your business, your clients, and your family need you.  Do what you have to do to find the strength and motivation to move forward and grow successfully.  Put your pride aside and make a plan to thrive!

October is Mental Health Awareness month.  We hope this information helped you and ask that you share this post with others.  While some things may make common sense to you… it’s brand new information for others.

Be well and have a great rest of the week!

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