One of the most common content writing questions we’re asked is… “But… what would we write about?”

My response is… EVERYTHING!

Here are 4 Tips for Content Writing Success:

1. Daily Activities

  • Take 5-10 minutes each day to think about what happened during your day. Do this during your work-outs, while grabbing some coffee, while traveling to and from work, while sitting at your child’s practice, etc. It doesn’t take very long but can give your content writing team at least 2-3 pages of content.

2. Write. Text. Call in.

  • We get so busy that we forget what we were thinking about almost 10 minutes later, so immediately put your thoughts down. Do you like pen & paper? Then take a small journal or notebook with you. Keep it in your car, briefcase, purse, wherever you can quickly grab it. Prefer technology? Then take your cell everywhere you go. Seriously, who’s not doing that anyways?! Text yourself, call your office voice mail or use the iPad or MS Surface and start a doc with your notes.
  • AND… Be sure to date them.

3. Topics / Themes

  • At the core of content writing you’ll discover conversations with clients, colleagues, staff, and friends. Try to remember the concerns, challenges, or solutions that you encountered. Pick 2-3 topics per day that relate to you and your business.  Remember your content strategy & content marketing plan so that you’re not just talking about what you ate for lunch!

4. Be a Part of the Solution!

  • Think of the core of your business and what services and solutions you have to offer a prospect and client.
  • If you’re a B2C company like a nail salon… you have plenty of tips to help prevent nail polish from chipping; why it’s important to get a pedicure; to trim cuticles or not; what are the best colors of the season and new colors that came out?
  •  If you’re a B2B company like an accounting firm… you are full of information those not in your industry wouldn’t be privy to. Like new tax codes or laws, form updates, bookkeeping tips or techniques, how often and why clients should communicate with your firm more than once per year.

Work with your Content Marketing and Content Writing team by giving them this information.

Your content marketing plan will include SEO keywords that will enhance your content writing efforts, making it an even more powerful tool. But even more importantly, it needs to be written specifically for your audience, and not the search engines. Many try to impress the search engines with enhanced copy, but if it’s not making an impact on your reader, it means nothing!

And remember, you’re not the judge… the reader is. If they get something positive out of your information… then you accomplished your goal!

Content writing helps to share your expertise with others. It allows you to be a credible resource thereby increasing brand, service or product awareness; and becomes a tool that can easily be shared with your target market.

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