Content Marketing vs Content Sharing

The objective of any marketing initiative, in this case content marketing, is to enhance brand, product, or service awareness, to position you or your company as a credible resource, and ultimately, to generate leads, and drive more business.

Bottom line… you want your marketing to generate sales.  Whether an immediate sales opportunity or a long-term content strategy to help aggregate a list of contacts, followers, or viewers to target.

Here’s a problem we find many companies facing regarding content marketing:

Well, I’m putting content on my site!  I’m giving my prospects and web visitors articles from Entrepreneur Magazine, or, I even have a journalist help me write content.”

That’s awesome… if you work for Entrepreneur Magazine or When you use others content on your site, that’s considered content sharing NOT content marketing.  It’s a great resource, but it’s not YOUR content.  It’s theirs and you just sent them AWAY from your site to someone else’s.

In a web strategy, you’re giving them the credit, the backlinks, and the resources; when in reality, your prospect was coming to YOU, looking for YOU to be the trusted partner they might work with.

And if you hired a journalist to help write the content, because in essence they are content writers, then you just repositioned your company to be a newsroom.   News, by default is NOT marketing.  Many companies will confuse all news all the time as content marketing and that’s not the case.  Marketing is information crafted to bring the attention to you and your company.

Content Marketing requires 5 major steps and if you skip any of these steps… you’re not heading towards success.


EVALUATION – Of your current site and that of your environment; review of your goals, needs and expectations.  This also includes SEO review and marketplace insight.

PLAN – A Strategy including your company goals, what products/ services/ themes you should focus on, what types of media content will be best for your prospect/ client; and an understanding of your target audience.

CREATE – Content marketing may consist of blogs, articles, whitepapers, infographics, pictures, videos, contests, etc.  Have the right balance because neither words nor images can be used alone.  We are a visual society… one where YouTube is one of the top searched sites… for a reason.

Content Creation will have to accommodate for the following…  Will it be:

  • Topical or Promotional
  • Light-hearted or Corporate
  • Bullet-points or a Narrative
  • Newsy or Evergreen
  • B2B/ Niche or General Audience
  • Male or Female Audience
  • Local or National Audience
  • Under 30 or 30-50 or Over 50
  • And much more…

DISTRIBUTE – Which channels will be suit your audience needs and schedule consistent posts.

MEASURE – You must get results to know how your campaign is working and where you’re going.

While the buzz about content marketing vs content sharing continues to swirl among marketing conversations, there is one thing for certain… you will need a content marketing campaign to enhance your efforts.

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