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Business arrange for a fruit processing company

Our Business Strategy will be about fruit processing. This will reduce fruits post harvesting reduction through processing fruits in syrups and concentrates.

This will help middle and low salary eaners as we locate there is large need of fresh fruits juice as many of fresh fruits juice will be imported and marketed in high price which regular Tanzania citizen can’t afford.

Our enterprise will be positioned in Korogwe Tanga where there will be many firms. Enterprise has three partners, Mildred, Sophia and Saja.


ASDP Agricultural Sector Expansion Programme

ASDS Agricultural Sector Expansion Strategy

BIT Table of Internal Trade

DACHE Dar Es Salaam College of House […]

Mathematics Teaching In Early on Years Settings Education Essay

Mathematics Teaching In Early Years Settings Education Essay

Learning is a simple process, and one thought to be prolonged. Subsequently, education allows for learning to be progressed through the acquisition of understanding and production of reasoning and judgment. Providing children with the necessary attributes to both go through and communicate fluently, along with count and calculate confidently are of significant importance, hence, to review progression, the Government insist upon the evaluation of frameworks.

In July 2007, the Secretary of Point out asked Sir Peter Williams to review the teaching of Mathematics within Early Years and Most important schools. Through extensive exploration, […]

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Hello World!