In these last few years, we found that many companies will spend a lot of money on their lead generation campaigns, like PPC, SEO, or even trade show attendance… but what they’ve discovered is that maintaining that list and converting those leads into paying customers takes a lot more effort.

Use Content Marketing to get out of the 30 yard line and down the field for a TD!

In a visual perspective, think of lead generation efforts like a football field… it’ll get you on the field and maybe to the 30 yard line.  But even in football… you’re looking for the TOUCHDOWN.

So, what does it take to get them to the end zone?  We believe it’s customer engagement using content marketing.

Customers do business with people they like and trust.  You build a relationship with them and become a trusted resource to their needs.  But first, you need to have a CONNECTION with them in order to ENGAGE them.  This happens in person (face-to-face) and with internet and social media marketing through effective communication like content marketing.

Here are 5 elements we use to develop your content marketing strategy:

  • Inspire – Inspire your audience with a great story, video, or article. Motivate them!INSPIRE - REACH - DEVELOP - ACQUIRE - RETAIN
  • Reach – Reach your audience across multiple platforms like social media, email, etc.
  • Develop – Develop a list and segment it.  Make your stories appeal to each industry.
  • Acquire – Use creative content to encourage them to acquire, or purchase, what you’re offering.
  • Retain – Retain loyal customers with constant communication.  Let them be your referral source!

Each one of these leads to a reaction point… a trigger… along the entire sales and marketing cycle.

Fresh, consistent messages sent to your clients and prospects will help position you and your company as a resource and keeps you top of mind.

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Have a great weekend!  GO TEAM GO!

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